About us

  • Gemma Witcomb

    Gemma Witcomb

    Dr Gemma Witcomb is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Loughborough University whose research interests are in public health, including feeding, eating, exercise, and body image, with a focus on translating research into tangible tools.

  • Emma Haycraft

    Emma Haycraft

    Dr Emma Haycraft is a Reader in Psychology at Loughborough University whose research focuses on parent-child interactions, particularly in the context of feeding, eating and mealtimes.


We are academic psychologists who undertake research looking at various aspects of children’s eating behaviours and caregivers’ feeding practices.

Gemma and Emma are two of the co-developers of the Child Feeding Guide, a website and free mobile app developed to support caregivers with child feeding.  The Child Feeding Guide is based on research evidence and offers information, advice, and effective tips and tools to promote happy, healthy eating behaviours in children.

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