Get involved

We want to evaluate the effectiveness of the Feeding a Baby guide as a way to encourage breastfeeding and change attitudes in young people. In order to do this, we want to hear from young people both before and after they use the guide.


What does taking part involve?

Taking part simply involves respondents – the young people that you work with – completing two short surveys; the first before they use their Feeding a Baby guide, and the second after they have used the guide for 5 weeks.

For pregnant girls, we would also ask that they complete a third and final survey six months after they have had their baby.

Links to the online surveys are shown below. We will send an email a reminder to respondents for their second and third surveys (if applicable).

If you would like paper versions of the survey to use with teenagers, these can be found in the Teachers’ Handbooks. For paper versions to be used with pregnant girls, please contact us.



If you are visiting this page as you have received a booklet from Sara or Vicki at ParentsUnder20, please use the links below to complete the relevant surveys.