Health professionals

If you work with young pregnant females and their families you may find the Feeding your Baby guide a useful resource to offer.


What is it?59120 Mums-to-be Activity Manual Cover

The Feeding your Baby guide is an educational booklet for young mums-to-be that offers information and education on the benefits and realities of breastfeeding. This is combined with practical tasks that are designed to challenge – and hopefully change – any underlying negative attitudes towards breastfeeding.


How does it work?

The guide has been designed as a small booklet, divided into 5 sections. Each of the sections contains information and facts, followed by one or more thought tasks to get young mums-to-be thinking about their attitudes towards breastfeeding.



Feedback from health professionals on the guide has been overwhelmingly positive, confirming it as a beneficial resource.  Professionals confirmed that the guide contains useful information, is easy to use, and offers a novel approach to infant feeding education.  95% of the health professionals who have evaluated the guide would recommend it to young mums-to-be.

Feedback from teenagers who have used the guide has also been really encouraging.  They reported finding it easy to use, they liked the case studies and the inclusion of real life scenarios, and they commented that would recommend the booklet to other young mums-to-be.


How to get copies of the Feeding your Baby guide for young mums-to-be

You can get copies in the following ways:

  • Purchase a downloadable copy here for £15. This provides you with a PDF of the guide and allows you to make multiple copies.
  • Purchase an A5 ring bound copy for £4.50 each, including postage.
  • Contact us detailing your needs. We may be able to provide copies free of charge for some groups or projects.